Cancer weekly horoscope for the week of February 06 – 12, 2022

General condition

Due to the powerful behavior of the yoga planets according to the sign of Pisces, this month will also be auspicious for your work. The focus is on the good. Things are getting happier than last month. The body feels a little or comfortable. Shows progress in many works.

Education – Economy – Jobs & Business Status

Good for their school and vocational education sets a background. It is a time to develop the brain through the association of scholars and intellectuals, and a month to put into practice what you have learned. It’s a month to join new courses and educational institutions. Cognitive strength are well developed.

You will be able to earn and accumulate wealth well during this month. You will always have a deposit during this month. Also here you will build new revenue streams. Provides an opportunity to improve the economic situation. It’s a month of making some money.

New progress is being made in employment and trade. Provides job gain through a friend. Using his story, job seekers and business people will be able to continue to run the business successfully.

Dating and Marriage

During this month, there will be happy moments in your romance and marriage. Something happens that rebuilds a love affair that was once abandoned. Dating can be easily arranged. The spouse is happy to receive what he or she expects from the spouse’s family.