Leo weekly horoscope for the week of February 06 – 12, 2022

General condition

The last two weeks of this month will be filled with power from your zodiac sign and the lord of the zodiac, Leo, and those two weeks will bring you the joy of getting what you have been waiting for for a few days. And hard work pays off, but it pays off. Things like anxiety and sadness go away. Opportunity to attend special events. It must be said that this is a month in which even those who have been hated will have some admiration for you.

Education – Economy – Jobs & Business Status

Must engage in education with enthusiasm and dedication. Focuses on going abroad or going to distant places for educational activities, parties etc. Inherit all educational activities.

Although your expected financial plans will be fulfilled this month.

Incurs unnecessary expenses. Profits are made from what is spent in the hope of profit. You get the economic benefits you expect, but be careful when dealing. Execute money management sparingly as you often have to spend more than you earn and often face financial difficulties.

If jobs engages in business ventures with determination, arrangements can be made for development without any serious problems.

Romantic and Marriage Divine

The last two weeks of August are good for things like romance, and the first two weeks are set for a relaxed, anxious background. Do not indulge in such things, especially during this month as you may find yourself in a relationship that is inappropriate