Pisces weekly horoscope for the week of February 06 – 12, 2022

General condition

This month, which is marked by the power of your Sagittarius Guru and Sagittarius astrological sign, will be arranged for the greater good. It is possible to overcome obstacles or overcome the challenges that arise.

Education – Economy – Jobs & Business Status

Preparations are being made for the progress of education. During this month you will have the opportunity to learn different languages ​​and join vocational education. However, learning is only taken into account if you do not engage in unnecessary activities with friends.

It is possible to maintain a balanced expenditure of money. Credit transactions or other financial expectations can be met. Profits from sales, purchases, etc. It’s a month full of job needs. An emergency travel price indicates a cash or other monetary issue. However, you will get the money you need for your expenses.

Romance and Marriage

It sets the stage for a successful relationship and marriage. The background is set to confirm an unrequited love affair or marriage vows. Also, work related to romance and marriage is sad.